Application developement

Application development provide innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs and even to go beyond of these expectations.

Solutions are based on livboo’s long-term and deep knowledge of our focused industry knowledge in the company, such as Telecom & Media and Financial Services. Combined with world-of-class technology expertise in our selected domains. Always taking into account and pro-actively propose solutions to be best fit in your specific requirements.

Livboo offers full IT-lifecycle services

Our full IT-lifecycle services are driven by the approach in which best building-blocks are utilized and taken into use, based on your needs. This covers areas all the way from IT Consulting, architecture design, application development and modernization, combined with full-range of testing and project management services and concepts to be best to fit into your needs.

All this is implemented by proven project & implementation methodologies and standards of Livboo Proven over the decades of countless deliveries where sustainable solutions and deliveries has been achieved and delivered by us.

The solutions from Application Development offerings within Livboo are mostly focusing in the following areas:

  • Java and Open Source Software Development 
  • Microsoft Development and Consulting Services
  • IBM Solutions and Enterprise Modernization
  • Full spectrum of Testing Service: Quality assurance, Consulting
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Application management

Application management services – more than just maintenance.

Livboo's Application Management Services help you in achieving your business objectives. They provide a controlled and cost effective way to maintain your IT applications throughout their life cycle. Today's businesses require a rapid response from their IT departments to stay competitive. Innovation, agility and flexibility combined with cost effectiveness are dictating the rules of the game.

What may have started as a specific application for a business process, like customer care, has transformed over time to an enterprise level business application. These may carry along several ad hoc legacy applications, creating a vast number of applications and new channels for customer interaction. Today’s business imperative is to reduce the operating cost of maintaining these applications, while at the same time keep investing for the future. We have identified three specific customer challenges to solve your specific needs, whether you need to transform your business, increase performance or reduce operating costs.

We have identified three specific customer challenges to solve your specific needs, whether you need to transform your business, increase performance or reduce operating costs:

  • Operate — Reduction the operating costs
  • Perform — Increase in flexibility and agility
  • Transform — Focus on future investments and innovations

We align your enterprise and legacy applications to create maximum efficiency–while you focus on your core business.

Benefits with Livboo’s Application Management

  • Closeness
  • Years of experience in local business conditions and multiple industries
  • We measure our success in your actual results
  • We think local and act global
  • Flexibility
  • Big enough to matter, small enough to care
  • All possible types of delivery, agreement and pricing models
  • A no-hassle attitude
  • Innovation

Benefit from an established innovation framework with deep customer cooperation

  • Ability to convert ideas to working solutions through the accumulated application knowledge
  • Gain access to expertise and new market trends
  • Please contact us for further information.
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Enterprise applications

The fast changing business environment and newly emerging business dimensions require enterprises to be agile, scalable and flexible. Enterprises therefore expect their IT to help them change faster and safer in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Livboo's enterprise applications practice delivers you solutions for these and other challenging requirements, enabling you to achieve your business goals. We provide end-to-end services related to enterprise solutions based on products from primarily SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.

Our solutions are supported by the full strength of Livboo's consulting and systems integration offering portfolio. We provide innovative solutions by leveraging Livboo's full stack solution capabilities from applications to infrastructure.

In line with your emerging needs of transforming your business and IT, Livboo's enterprise applications practice utilizes new methods, frameworks and other transformation assets that enable quicker ROI and lead to lower OPEX.

Apart from being the trusted partner in packaged software implementation and integration, we also provide value added industrialised solutions which are based on our partner products from SAP, Oracle and Microsoft as well as other emerging providers, and our vertical solution partners.

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Financial services

Manage the business and technology related challenges banks and financial institutions face every day. Respond and adapt to the industry changes — as well as customers' and authorities' new demands. We help you to stay in the frontline of the digital world.

We offer innovative IT solutions for banks and other financial services sector providers. You can choose services from business consulting to IT infrastructure services. The solutions can be delivered to you as a service, where we take the full responsibility for the solution’s functionality and make sure that all regulatory requirements are fulfilled.

Let's design personalised and proactive digital banking solutions for your customers. We can help you to develop mobile banking solutions that will enhance your customers’ service experience.

Working with Livboo solutions brings you deep industrial know-how combined with leading edge technology. Contact our team to learn more about our offering and how we can help you to create the next-generation financial services.

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Front end solutions

Innovative service design and channel solutions help you to digitize the front office for improved management of customer interactions, resulting in reduced cost-to-serve, increased customer intimacy, as well as customer loyalty.

Front end services provide a framework and solutions to address the challenges we face in the world of changing consumer behaviour. We know how to add value to your business from vision to execution principal in the following areas:

  • Enterprise mobility
  • Multichannel services design (user-centricity at heart) (web, contact centre, branch desktops)
  • Digital self-services
  • Unified desktop
  • Customer interaction management
  • Benefits for your business
  • Satisfied and loyal customers
  • Improved conversion rates (turning leads to deals)
  • Reduced cost-to-serve
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Higher service efficiency
  • Increased wallet shares

We offer you the benefit of our extensive experience in the field of consumer-related services — currently more than 60 million European and Russian consumers use the services designed and/or delivered by Livboo on a daily basis. This is visible everywhere and has a tremendous impact on each and every consumer-oriented organization in mass market industries.

Evidence of the changes

  • Internet plays an increasingly important role as a sales and service channel
  • Demand for customization is exploding
  • Any time/any channel -availability is taken for granted
  • Reaction times are expected in real-time rather than hours
  • Brand loyalty is declining

How to stay in touch and close to your customers when they are going digital? How to combine excellent service experience with outstanding service efficiency in a multichannel world? Contact us for further discussions.

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Testing services

Livboo Testing Services – quality ensured.

Are you struggling with changing business needs and access to resources? Better quality in your end products with shorter time to market, but not to compromise quality? How about guaranteed results and delivery in time under cost pressure? With Livboo Testing services we can help you to concentrate on your core business while turning your testing to a successful investment.

Key benefits

Investing in testing will help you to gain more sales by having high quality products faster to the markets and though increasing customer satisfaction. Also it will help in enhancing your processes, increase process maturity by making your business experts free to concentrate on their core responsibilities. And most importantly you will gain cost savings along with improved testing efficiency.

  • Ease the workload pressure – enabling your team to pursue more strategic tasks
  • Have a greater level of testing expertise – helping you to cope with complex technology landscape
  • Take the advantage of economies of scale – benefit from centralized testing and lower cost off-shoring
  • Balance work load even on daily basis – balancing the payroll with just the right amount of testers
  • Lower investment level and initial costs for tools and processes – increased flexibility and scalability

Testing services

With our comprehensive set of testing offerings we can support you with the end-to-end testing process, covering testing consultancy services, implementation services, training and support.

  • Managed Test Center, that covers areas such functional testing, integration testing, system testing and user acceptance testing
  • Test Tools as a Service, that covers areas such tools for all testing needs, cloud services, continuous services, tools for evaluations and recommendation
  • Application Performance Management, that covers areas such performance testing, performance monitoring, performance optimization, performance troubleshooting and engineering
  • Test Automation, that covers areas such automation, framework design, development and deployment, script generation, script execution and script maintenance

Why partner with us?

We have a wide range of experience and deep knowledge of testing in several industry segments, which has given us a unique position to deliver our customers true business value. We are ready to support you with over 500 test professionals in 6 countries and centre of excellence focusing on software testing. With our global delivery model we can assure competitive pricing for our deliveries by utilizing our talented professionals across the globe.

Contact our experts to know more how you can get the best value out of your testing!

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