New Relic Mobile

First-of-its-kind SaaS mobile app monitoring solution pinpoints problems quickly in your mobile app. Spend less time troubleshooting, get more positive reviews and focus your time where it matters — developing new features and growing your user base.

Application implements the following functionality.

Monitor all interactions your app has with external services.

Is it your app or the network that’s slowing you down? Get a detailed view of how your web service and API requests are performing. See your requests grouped for quick-diagnosis of domain-level problems. Drill down into specific requests to see performance metrics by response time, throughput, and data transfer size.

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Don’t just rely on crash reporting – get better insights with New Relic

Keep tabs on all your http request errors and network failures. Quickly isolate the root cause of errors with New Relic’s error analysis. Get visibility into error rates by domain and error type.

Remove the guesswork.

Troubleshoot the cause of individual errors by digging deep into http response and client stack-trace details.

Truly global visibility

Our detailed graphs and charts will help you easily visualize how your app is performing in different regions of the world, so you can quickly isolate and resolve the most pressing problems. Does your app slow down for users in certain countries? Know which regions have the highest error rates?

View geographic data for: HTTP requests, throughput, error rates, network failure rates.